We currently offer standard shipping only within the United States.  If you really need one of our shirts and live in another country email us at and we will be in touch.  No promises, not that we don’t like you, we’re just starting out and need to keep things simple.

Let’s get this part out of the way because we don’t like as much as you won’t but it’s the truth…Please note that due to demand we may take between 1-2 weeks to ship your order.  Please bear with us as we expand our operation.

So we do flat rate at $5 for your entire order, pretty straight forward.  Ships via USPS or depending on order size potentially UPS, whatever is cheapest.

If you need something overnighted it depends on availability and you need to email us, we get back pretty quick.


Don’t like how it looks or had a general change of heart?

Follow the 3 “U”s …Un-worn, un-washed un-damaged.  You pay for shipping back to us and we’ll refund your shirt and tax price.

Did we screw up and send you the wrong shirt or size?  We’ll make it right and cover the cost of shipping back to us and send you the right one or just refund your order, just depends on how pissed you are at us for screwing up your order.

Otherwise there’s not much else to it.  We want you happy and representing us, whatever we need to do to do right by you we will.

Thanks and keep up the hustle.