I always try to reiterate that every project, every line I’ve either hand drawn or vectored in the design of anything for the Wu-Tang Clan has been a special honor for me in my career as a designer. It’s like you’re this punk ass 17 year old kid listening to them on your tape deck or on a cd in your friends car and they were like legends then. I mean, that was then and now it’s like still, living legends. You know? So that 17 year old kid is now late 30’s designing for their record label, WMG. Wu Music Group. Actually making shit they take on tour. It’s damn humbling and even more so it’s reassuring that all of my struggles to this point are still taking me forward. Where? I don’t know but what an awesome experience. Regardless of the group’s current internal politics it’s the ability of any of us to do greater things if our heart and drive are there.

For this project and I’ll sum up real quick, I was asked to come up with some shirts for the crew to sell at their show in Mexico City as part of Vans’ 50th Anniversary tour. So you got one of my favorite shoe brands, and one of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time and I get to make something that represents them both.

So I kept the colors simple. Black and white for the Vans side and yellow of course for the Wu side. On top of it I had these little illustrations I had hand drawn of the entire crew including ODB. I vectorized them and then redrew a day of the dead candy skull theme on top of each one and it just worked.

Next thing I know it’s a success and getting sold in a country far away. Design is amazing and I am so honored to be part of this community of hustlers.

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  • julian says:

    they are amazing, I love how the wutang clan was drawn! I’m mexican and seeing this makes me feel proud of it becasuse the style you used reminds me of “dia de muertos”

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