I literally do not get tired of capturing photos of people at their best, at their worst, in their darkest places.  CrossFit has given me that opportunity.  To be there in the realist moments for a lot of people.  Moments where they are pushing their minds and bodies well past the point they had been telling themselves to quit.

CrossFit competitions such as the 2017 CrossFit Forest BONFIRE event are no exception.  They’re even better.  Those moments where people throttle back during a normal WOD don’t happen, there are way too many eyeballs on every athlete holding them accountable to themselves and the crowd.  People just go for broke and while sometimes scary it’s amazing to watch.  PRs go down left and right, sense’s of self are increased, relationships are built and walls are destroyed.

This is generally what has me so glued to this sport in general, the communal suffering and overcoming.  I live for this shit and to be able to be part of such an amazing community where I can capture the moments of friends and family it’s where I feel I belong and makes me feel happy in my work.

Looking forward to the winter Bonfire coming in December.  Until then, enjoy the photos.

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