A strong community is what sets your local CrossFit box apart from the nearest globo-gym.  Even then it’s kind of hit and miss as some CrossFit boxes are run differently or less affectionately than others.  That’s not to say the definition of a good box is one where you are coddled but rather a mix of solid coaching/programming, camaraderie amongst members and a clean facility.  At CrossFit Forest we have that mix, we have a solid team of dedicated coaches, awesome people who would rather work out the morning of Christmas weekend than sleep in and all the bells and whistles you could wish for in a huge gym with plenty of room to work out in peace.  Traditionally we always do a 12 Days of Christmas WOD or 12 Days of CrossFit (to be more PC) every year right before Christmas to pre-emptively burn off some calories and spend a little time together before everyone takes off for the weekend.  I wouldn’t have spent my Saturday morning any differently.

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