Humbling. @katethejeep with @get_repost ・・・ It might be because I work for a company that whole heartedly supports our first responder community but seeing these community signs around the area where our men and women firefighters sacrificed life and limb to keep the Ferguson fire at bay was an emotional experience for me. I had my wife grab my camera and snap shots for me as soon as I saw them. Seeing the smoldering remains of what could have been the continuation of a massive blaze in Yosemite if not for our brave firefighters put the whole thing into a perspective that watching it on TV just doesn’t give you. Justice is not done for them in the news after seeing the type of terrain they had to fight through. I am humbled and thankful that there are men and women braver and more self sacrificing than me to keep us safe from all that can derail our lives. I sleep sounder for it. @511tactical

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