What’s it all about then?

Above is a snapshot into our life, basically what we’re into and what gets us going.  Hopefully you can find something that creates a bridge between you and us and helps us relate.  Because that’s what we strive to do, whether it’s through photography where we freeze little moments of time or through our shirts where we cheer for the struggle we want you to relate our interests with yours.

With over 2 decades of self-taught design and screen printing experience and 4 years of living and breathing CrossFit, we decided to start photographing people being awesome and making shirts that represented the average athlete and hustler.  We are all about the person getting into the gym, jumping on that side-project, putting in extra time at work, working on themselves emotionally or mentally, creating something new, capturing something unseen, trying something different.  We push our own limits all the time and keep the hustle alive within us.

Getting it done, EXTRA HARD, EVERY DAY.

This is what we build on;

blood, sweat and tears.